2025 Cape May Watercolors 14-Month Calendar (through January 2026)

Patricia’s artwork keeps Cape May nearby all year with this 14-month calendar. $17.95 (plus shipping & 6.625% NJ sales tax)

Patricia Rainey's Victorian Wonderland

Patricia Rainey’s Victorian Wonderland

Sold out.


Patricia Rainey Placemats

$6.00 each

Patricia Rainey Coasters

Gift Items / Coasters
All images are available as coasters.
Minimum of 4 coasters of each image per order.
$4.00 each

Patricia Rainey Mousepads

Gift Items / Mousepads
All images are available as mousepads.
Minimum of 2 mousepads of each image per order.

Patricia Rainey Notecards

Your favorite Patricia Rainey paintings are now available as 5 x 7 Note Cards. The note cards are offered in several different packages.

Individual note card with envelope – $3.99

Package of 6 note cards with envelopes – $21.00